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  • the art of game design

    Product Design From Scratch

    Bring us your ideas, sketches, or whatever you have on hand, and watch us transform it into the product of your dreams right before your eyes. Regardless of the stage that the product is in when you bring it to us, we can develop it further and often are even able to turn it into the final working product itself.

  • drive traffic to your website

    From Diagrams to Electronics

    We work with you step-by-step, using milestones if needed, to quickly and transparently put your product together. From helping to get you certified to preparing handbooks, professional-grade user’s manuals, or any other documents you may need for legal purposes or otherwise, we offer technical services in just about any area you can think of.

  • online app development

    Merchandising Products

    When necessary, we start from scratch and work with you to implement new ideas and create designs, side products and final products to fit your merchandising needs.

  • 3d printing applications

    3D Print

    In addition to specializing in small, intricate figurines, we can 3D print just about anything your heart desires. With state of the art machines and a staff of real artists with extensive experience in 3D printing and a number of other areas, we’re well-equipped to provide help in whatever way you may need it alongside unmatched quality.

  • prototype development

    PR / Media Reach

    From Japan to Mexico, we’ve helped numerous campaigns gain reach and traction on hundreds of TV, newspaper, and online media outlets. A brief list of some of the outlets with whom we’ve worked includes: ABC News, GQ, Esquire, Fox News, Discovery Channel, Daily Mail,, Playboy, Bild, Mac Observer, and a number of other blogs and tech sites.

  • web design company


    We create fully-responsive websites that are accessible from any device (mobile, desktop, etc.). Additionally, we can help drive traffic to your site through search engine optimisation (SEO) as well as a variety of other strategic approaches

  • Sketching a product


    No matter what stage you’re at or what you have on hand, we can help you to prototype your idea or product. Whether it be a simple design or any kind of electronics you can think up, we provide end-to-end service that includes designs, prints, and molds of the product cases, and bring them all to you as one neatly-packaged working prototype.

  • indiegogo app

    We Draw, Animate, Make Musics

    We do custom voiceovers, music, and sound effects, and implement them into your videos to ensure that your content is always original. Additionally, we can produce comic book-style illustrations or animations and turn them into videos that fit the unique needs of your project.

  • crowdsourcing website design

    Social Media

    From creating and running social media accounts to helping you gain followers and gather people together, whatever your social media-based needs may be, we’re always ready to lend a helping hand. Whether you’re looking to run a contest, find people with similar ideas to yours, or simply conduct a bit of business, we can do just about anything to help get your campaign off the ground.

  • kickstarter app development

    Material Aids

    Using ideas that you provide for your product, we prepare visual aids, media kits, illustrative texts, attention-grabbing presentations, and presentable 2D or 3D models that bring your ideas to life.

  • crowdfunding ideas


    From start to finish, we work with you to make your video production process easy, fast, and simple. Whether brainstorming ideas, writing the script, or shooting the actual video, we’re ready to assist at any step along the way. We can help you find actors or actresses as well as extras that may want to appear in the video, complete necessary paperwork, provide lighting, cameras, or shoot locations, and do just about anything else you can think of to ensure your video’s completion, including voiceovers or other kind of post-production work.

  • website for 3d printing

    Going and Building Places

    Looking to recreate a specific scene or scape? Using 2D or 3D renderings with lifelike objects, we can create any place, building, room, or environment you dream up.

  • 3d prototyping service

    We design and build Games

    Whether tabletop, PC, or mobile, no matter the platform, type of game, or characters, we can do it. Bring us a simple idea, basic sketches, a game design document, or whatever you may have, and watch us work with you to make something special. In some cases, we can even help you to run and sell your game, or manage your game’s crowdfunding campaign where applicable.

  • 3d printing designs

    We do Apps

    We take your ideas from ground floor, bare bones plans and turn them into wireframes and turnkey apps on any platform, supporting your campaign or providing individualized services to market, sell or use separate applications.

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